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Our Approach

Valuing my students as a family of similar like minded spirit of the studio, the sacred ground of where fellow-shipping for fitness is the cornerstone of this class. There is strength in numbers of continue meeting and support for each of us to stay in this endeavor of connecting one another for unifying the love we have for vitality and joy in keep moving in life. My goal is to have a workout plan for each class and send my student to achieve those mission together as a team. But do so while having fun and challenges at the same time while acknowledging every member for participating.

Our Story

I started out in Bodybuilding and Hi-intensity training, and I still enjoy that, but eventually work my way into senior fitness and found that typical fitness class for senior were not challenging enough, and fell in favor of the class to keep me in that class to give them more challenges. Doesn't mean to train harder but smarter, that fitness isn't just about resistance, but also about reaction time, and balance as the primary issues isn't loss of strength, but the loss of power and speed as one ages.
My new found impression of the senior was that they were much more fun to exercise with and more vitality than I had picture before I started teaching the class.

Meet the Man

Breaking free of life's chain of disability and pain so that one can live a more meaningful life with abundant of new found energy where as one isn't trap by their own limitations, but remain inspiring example of overcoming them for their family and love one that are still in their life.

         To live longer while still living independently till the very end.
Squeeze every moment to say I love my family daily

Russell Roberts

Personal Trainer
A.C.E. Certified

Native Michigan upbringing from a small town, moved to Oregon to visit my Sister and end up staying and fell in loving with Oregon wondrous natural park and weather. Here I rode my bicycle almost everyday, and continue with fitness life style exploring many ways to experience it. While here I have waited on tables at fine dinning for many years while also working at the gym teaching classes, and running the desk. The fitness lifestyle started to take up more of my time as I eventually moved away from the food industry dedicating my time to fitness. The rewards of helping people to gain more independence of their own life was much more appreciative and meaningful in my life.

Next Steps...

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