Personal Training

Personal Training routine that is tailored to your body and level of fitness to get you healthy and bursting with energy.

Free fitness testing and consultation is most recommended to better understand what level of fitness that I am working with to get you to that next level of forward stride in fitness. Let's make an appointment.

I can do home fitness or provide lesson at your gym. pricing will reflect home lesson or gym facility, including fee for trainers day pass at gym.

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Tai Chi Lesson

I teach classes at the Creative Enterprise Studio in Forest Grove and also at participating parks. The indoor fee is affordable, and Patreon fee for Tai Chi animation for funding more animation will help fund the project.

The indoor studio class is $60 for 10 visit on Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30- 12:30am

If you are interested in a group class anywhere in the Washington County , I am available for up to 5 people or more at $5 per person.

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Workout Routine plan PDF file

Once you have establish a Personal Training relationship with me as a recurring client, I can provide a workout sheet with diagram of the lesson easy to understand and carry out on your own.  Price will reflect at a very affordable rate for independent training.

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Fitness for Life

I started up Gentle Chi Fitness company to provide fitness for everyone, including the growing aging population. I am providing a well establish art of fitness that been pass down by expert in the art of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is more than just doing a dance while moving slowly. It's a structured discipline that have evolve from Yoga, in breathing, and movement that can enhance the quality of life as we know it. Tai Chi has a way to change the way you do everything, and I have use it for bodybuilding, running, and even cycling since 1980. Being aware of posture and change the way you walk, sit and carry will extend the quality of life to help preserve the body you have.

After I applied for certification in A.C.E. fitness to be a fitness trainer, I combine what I knew about Tai Chi and applied safe method of training the body with resistance, while adhering to principle of Tai Chi movement. I have provided a service to learn Tai Chi form, and a fitness workout regiment. I am also a 3D animator and it is my specialty to bring the art of the movement, both resistance training and Tai Chi into a friendly visual aid for concise learning format. For that I made the lesson for Tai Chi very affordable and rely on donation to keep the animation tutorial project for Tai Chi, and also provide a service of hand on workout coaching and nutritional counseling.
I have won a few award for bodybuilding, have studied IsshinRyu, ShorinRyu and MudoKwan karate over the years, while started with Tai Chi. Got my first certification in A.C.E Fitness in 2004 and taught Group Fitness for Hi-Intensity aerobic to Silver Sneaker signature class. Also have taught Water aerobic, and cycling class. I hope to encourage and inspire others to keep fit and enjoy life fully to always be functionally independent for the rest of your life.

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